What is Shikutoku?

Have you ever had an unpleasant experience on a social networking site or message board?

The concept of Shikutoku is "The gentle world for ladies" without malice or tragedy.

We aim to create a positive world where we can enjoy talking about what we love with ladies of dignity.

Trying to create a gentle world for ladies.
  • Try to approve positive, fun and nice talk
  • Make it a stress-free space to enjoy, with comfortable operation and no unpleasant advertisements.
  • We aim to create a space where fans of various genres can gather and be filled with love and excitement.
Function to go underground (not to be displayed on the top page).

When I build a talk, many people see it and comment on it, but I want to create a quiet talk where only fans can gather...

In this case, you can make your talk not appear on the top page (but it will appear in the talk search) by setting "Make talk underground" when you create it.

Invite only your fans and enjoy your favorite conversations without disturbing anyone.

If you search for a talk using your favorite keyword, you may find a talk with similar fans.

Deleting comments and banning comments by talkers

If you are the one who built the talk, you can immediately delete or ban any unpleasant comments or users that appear.

You don't have to wait for the management to take action, you can protect your talk right away.

bookmark function

You can read more right away from the bookmarked comment number.

You no longer have to look for comments like "Where was I?" There is no need to search for comments anymore.

Mute function

You can hide all comments from users you don't want to see by muting them.


Ability to delete and edit own comments

You can delete your own comment if it is the same ID as the one you posted.

You can edit your own comments within 30 minutes.

There are many other fine features.
Operator Profile

I am a single divorcee in my 30s.

Developed and operated by one person.

I sometimes play the piano.

I will do my best every day so that I can receive "Thank you."

The icons were created by the users. Thank you!




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